About Us

We are supplier of fresh frozen fish and cold water seafood from the Russian Far East, Kamchatka, Magadan, Sakhalin - FAO 61 with head office in Vladivostok, Russia and sales office in Lithuania, EU.

Our products have all necessary certificates for export from Russia (including MSC for some products) and it is delivered directly from the place of harvest.

UAB Fortego has exclusive rights for the supply of fish and the further implementation within the European Union from one of the largest fishing factories in Kamchatka.

Establishing long-term contacts with the large fishing plants, as well as our head office in Vladivostok is giving us an advantage to supply our customers with high quality products directly from the manufacturer.

Principles of the organization of work provide a stable growth of our company, allowing us to confidently planning our future.

By choosing UAB Fortego as a supplier, you can always guarantee a stable income from the sales of our products from today.

Also we can process our raw material to the end product (portions, fillets, steaks, cold smoked production) as a service with using processing factories of our business partners.